1.  What are some of our company’s greatest strengths?

The first is customer relations.  We strive to deliver all of our projects within reasonable budget and time constraints. We understand how important it is to meet our customers’ schedules.  We take pride in our 100% on time delivery. .  The second is our ability and willingness to customize any idea, design and repair job to the customer’s specifications.  Red Forge, Inc. customers comment on our ability to bring their specific idea or design to reality without complications, cost override or the need to constantly ask the customer what is needed next.  That is why they choose Red Forge, Inc. in the first place.  We understand the customer is busy themselves, that the customer needs help and this is the reason they are here.  We complete the job as if it was our own, something to be proud of and will last for many years to come, this is why first-time customers keep coming back.

2.  What makes us stand out in front of other weld shops?

Our shear is capable of shearing up to �” thick H.R. plate and 3/8” S/S plate.   We can design, fabricate and install.   We have the abilities with an artistic touch to design and fabricate ornamental iron, from rod-iron fencing, to large ornamental entrance gates to perfection.

Red Forge, Inc. does not limit itself to just fabrication and welding.  We are the “can do company.”  We have worked with people who have ideas they would like to have patented but do not have the facility or tools necessary to complete the job.  We help to make these ideas reality.

We are building a solid reputation as a dependable subcontractor in the southeastern Indiana area.

We invite the architects, contractors, interior and exterior designers and homeowners to give as a visit or call.  The possibilities are endless on making those unique ideas come to life.

We are able to weld:

 Tool Steel
Cast Iron
Chrome Molly
Stainless Steel
Carbon Steel

We are able to create unique ornamental iron work for inside or outside.

3.  W hat are our plans for the future?

Over the next five years our company will see growth and expansion.  We are continually developing and meeting customer demands.

We will always be mindful of producing the high quality of exceptional value that our present and future clientele expects and deserves. 

From design through installation, any scale

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